Other Uses for Tweetropy

Tweetropy is not just for sending secrets via Twitter. There are a variety of other uses, too! Check out some examples below, or submit your own.

Tweetropy Your Contest

Create a quiz question. Use Tweetropy to encode a link to the prize, or the next clue (if it's a scavenger hunt). Use the answer to the question as the key. Whoever can figure out the key first, and decodes the message correctly, wins!

Tweetropy Your Links

Send a scrambled link to a friend in an email. If it's a mailing list, or an email address you share with someone else, it's a way to make sure only the right people see what's at the other end. Make the key something only the two of you would know.

Tweetropy Your Crush

Use Tweetropy to write a note to someone you have a crush on. Use your name as the key. Get the scrambled message to them somehow so they don't know it's you. Tell them if they can guess who it is they'll unlock your special message.

Your Idea Here

Have you used Tweetropy in a fun way? Tell me and I'll post it here.
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